Nintendo European Research & Development


Nintendo European Research & Development (formerly Mobiclip) is a subsidiary of Nintendo located in Paris, specialized in the field of highly optimised software technologies. We are committed to providing the gaming industry with the latest innovations in middleware. We work on exciting and innovative projects, but they are so confidential that we can not describe them in detail on our website.


We are a team of highly focused engineers who strive to push the limits of software. Leveraging on the synergy of our diverse skills, we are able to create disruptive technologies from low-level hardware to high-end software stacks. You can find more details about the team in this Iwata Asks NERD interview.


Talented people are always welcome!

Please review the open position(s) below and contact us if you think your profile matches our expectations.

We like programming challenges at NERD. If you enjoy reverse-engineering and/or math-oriented problems, feel free to have a look at our difficult programming contest(s) below (although you don’t HAVE to solve them to apply at NERD):