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We like programming challenges at NERD. If you enjoy reverse-engineering and/or math-oriented problems, feel free to have a look at our difficult programming contest(s) below (although you don’t have to solve them to apply to NERD):

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Large Virtual Sensor
For mass market computer vision, you generally need a lens and a sensor with the highest resolution at the lowest...
Small is beautiful!
In some contexts (like Internet of Things, QR codes, NFC…) we sometimes need to store data in a very small...
NERD Enables Wii Games on the Wii U eShop
Following a long tradition of Nintendo console backward compatibility, the Wii U has always been able to play Wii games from...
NERD Teams Up With Hardware Experts in Japan to Deliver 'Super-Stable 3d' on the New Nintendo 3DS
The first generation Nintendo 3DS, launched in February 2011 in Japan, was equipped with an autostereoscopic screen, allowing a user...
Strength Has More Than One Dimension
For online games, trying to match players who have balanced chances of victory is usually a healthy goal.
NERD Creates a High Speed, High Quality Nintendo DS Emulator for Wii U
The Nintendo DS platform, thanks to its vast game catalog and variety of gameplays, is a prime choice for Virtual...
Not All "Eyes" Are Made Equal
During the manufacturing stage, there are always minor hardware differences between units. In the case of a pair of cameras...
Color Conversion Is Not A Linear Problem
Those who work with digital video are probably familiar with luminance/chrominance-based color models. One of the simplest models of this...